The Student Event Planners Association is a professional organization that caters to millennials in the event planning and hospitality industry.

We represent the future of the event industry. 
By joining, you make a commitment to yourself and to the generations that succeed you.
You are more than a member — you are family.
Together, we are more than an organization — we are a movement.

Our acronym, SEPA, is pronounced S.E.P.A.

The Future of the Event Industry

Our mission is to develop student event planners into professionals by providing an outlet for members to gain knowledge and experience, develop skills, and network.

Our vision is to be the leading organization for developing future event professionals while bridging generational gaps in the industry.

Everything we do is with the intent to inspire, motivate and educate. Our hope is that all who affiliate with our organization, develop a sincere passion for the industry and for continued education.

Founded at Texas State University in 2009, we have since expanded to over a dozen universities nationwide, launched exclusive programs, and established multiple strategic partnerships. We are proud to say that our organization was built for and by millennials.

The SEARCH Foundation provides financial aid to event professionals in crisis and is our official philanthropy.

We advocate for the younger generation in the events industry. We cater to millennials, however we will eventually evolve to cater to Gen Z and so on. We embrace generational differences and believe that no one generation is superior to the other. By realizing the strengths of each generation and working to bridge the gaps, we are helping to advance our industry. Together, everyone achieves more.

We have a dream that our profession will one day have a standardized curriculum accessible at institutions of higher learning worldwide. No longer will we be labeled as “party planners,” or have to justify the price and value of our services. Ethics and integrity will be the foundation of our industry, where transparency and knowledge sharing is not the exception, but the rule. This is the legacy we are creating.