The Experience Program provides members with opportunities to gain hands-on event management experience.

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Experience is the number one criteria that employers look for in potential hires. Therefore, members are encouraged to participate in numerous opportunities — job, internship, and/or volunteer — to gain valuable hands-on event management experience.  For every hour that a member works on-site at an event, including set-up and/or tear-down, they can receive credit through our Experience Program.

To satisfy the experience criteria for the Accreditation Program, members must complete 20 credits, equivalent to 20 hours, through the Experience Program.

Professionals may submit job, gig, internship, and volunteer opportunities for free. Opportunities must have reasonable application to the event industry. Community service is generally not accepted.

Once an opportunity is submitted and approved, it is added to our opportunities database that is shared exclusively with members. SEPA reserves the right to deny any opportunity that is deemed irrelevant or inappropriate.

With the combined efforts of the Board of Directors and chapter leadership, SEPA works hard to promote each opportunity. However, submission of an opportunity does not guarantee that it will be fulfilled.

If interested, members are responsible for contacting the professional or business who submitted the opportunity, directly. This ensures an equal opportunity for all members. It is at the discretion of the professional or business to select which member or members they wish to participate in the opportunity.

To receive credit for working an event, members must submit proof. Acceptable forms of proof include a picture working the event (one must be in the picture and clearly identifiable) or signed documentation from the event supervisor. Proof must be submitted within 60 days of the event to receive credit.

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