Guest Speak

If you are an event professional with five or more years of experience, we would love for you to guest speak for a local chapter or on a national Hangout or Webinar. 

To guest speak, please click here.


If you are located in an area that has a SEPA chapter, we would be honored to host you as you share your knowledge and experience. Meetings times and dates vary by chapter but most meetings last roughly one hour.


During months where a webinar is not scheduled, SEPA hosts a thirty-minute Google Hangout with a leading industry professional. Hangouts are limited to eight participants, a moderator, and the guest of honor. Participants have the opportunity to “hangout” with the professional and may ask any questions. You are not required to create a formal presentation as the Hangout participants are encouraged to come with questions. Hangout sessions are by RSVP only and are not recorded.


SEPA conducts three members’ choice webinars a year in the spring, summer and fall. Webinar topics are determined by member votes. For upcoming webinars, please refer to the events calendar.