The Scholarship Program awards active members with a scholarship applied towards approved educational conferences.

We do not host a regional or national conference. Instead, we have partnered with the best in the industry — The Special Event Conference and Tradeshow.

For additional resources, check out The Special Event page and our TSE 2019 Resource Letter for additional ways to attend.

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The Special Event (TSE) 2018 will be held January 8 through January 10 in San Diego, California.

Scholarship recipients receive a complimentary education package and have the opportunity to work behind the scenes at the conference through the Hands-On Hundred Program, while earning credit through the SEPA Experience Program.

The remaining time may be spent networking and attending educational sessions for credit through the SEPA Education Program.

SEPA selects two scholarship recipients to participate in the Hands-On Hundred Program each year.

To be eligible for a scholarship, you must be an active student member. Priority is given to longstanding members and/or those who serve in leadership positions within the organization.

By completing ten hours through the Hands-On Hundred Program, scholarship recipients earn ten credits towards the Experience Program.

With a complimentary education package, scholarship recipients earn ten credits through the Education Program by attending conference sessions.

September 30, 2018 – Scholarship Application Closes
October 2, 2018 – Scholarship Recipients Announced
October 15, 2018 – Scholarship Recipient Profile Form Deadline
January 8-10, 2019 – The Special Event, San Diego, CA

Why should I attend The Special Event Conference and Tradeshow?

The Special Event (TSE) is the industry’s largest tradeshow and conference for event professionals. There you will connect with over 5,000 event professionals, exhibitors, and mentors. During your time at TSE, you can select from over 100 education sessions, attend showcasing events, network, and browse through thousands of products on the exhibit hall floor.

What does the scholarship include?

The scholarship includes a complimentary education package valued at $865, plus a ticket to Micheal Cerbelli’s: The Hot List and TSE’s Connects.

If selected for the scholarship, what expenses will I be responsible for?

If selected for the scholarship, you are responsible for your travel, accommodation, and meal expenses. Only your registration will be covered.

How many scholarship recipients are selected each year?

Two lucky scholarship recipients are selected to represent the Student Event Planner’s Association at The Special Event Conference and Tradeshow each year.

If selected for the scholarship, how many hours am I required to work through the Hands-On Hundred Program?

You are required to work 10 hours (two, five-hour shifts) at the show though the Hands-On Hundred Program.

If I have to miss school, will SEPA provide a letter addressed to my professors to excuse me from class?

Yes! If you are representing the Student Event Planner’s Association at The Special Event Conference and Tradeshow, we are more than willing to provide a letter addressed to your professors to excuse you from class.

What is the consequence if I am selected for the scholarship and back out?

If selected for this scholarship and back out, you will be required to reimburse SEPA for the cost of your registration.